December 6, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What are the benefits of becoming a member of TANE?

Whether you are selling, buying or using telecommunications services and equipment TANE membership gives you networking opportunities through our 2 major events – The Spring Showcase and the Annual Convention.  There are also numerous industry specific seminars offered throughout the year to keep our members up to date on all the latest trends.

2.      How much are membership dues?

Associate membership dues are $450 per year for new members, as well as renewing members.

3.      Where can I find information about TANE events?

Click on the “Event Information” tab on this website for information on our 3 annual events.  We have smaller 1 to 5 day seminars throughout the year that can be found on the TANE calendar, however, the details are visible only to TANE members.  You must be a member of TANE in order to attend any of our events except the Spring Showcase.

4.      I have some specific telecommunications needs but have no idea where to start looking.

The TANE Membership directory listings of all of our telco and associate (vendor) members.  Each listing contains contact information as well as a brief description of the company.  To view the directory click on “Membership” and then on “Directory”.  You can search by company or contact name.  You can also break down your search by telco or associate members.

5.      How can I find out my user ID and password? How can we change our password?

If you are already a member, a Username and Password was e-mailed to you upon launch of the new website.  New members will be assigned a username and password upon acceptance of their membership application.  You can reset your password by going into your profile under the “Membership” tab.

6.      Where can I learn more about the legislative and regulatory issues affecting our industry?

The “Industry Links” section of the web site contains links to both state and national telephone associations as well as New England State Utility Commissions.

7.      I would like to network with other regional members of the telecommunications industry. What do you recommend?

As a member of TANE you can join any one of our committees or sit in on their meetings.  E-mail us at  and we will get you started or you can go to the “About TANE” page and look at the Committee Wheel for information on contacting specific committee chairs.

8.      I am new to the industry and don’t understand all the technical jargon. Where can I go for help?

Try Newton’s Telecom Dictionary — The Official Dictionary of Telecommunications, Networking and The Internet.  The 30th edition, consisting of 1,000s of pages was published most recently in 2016.  Each day Newton and his editors add the newest words, expand and improve definitions of old words. The dictionary now contains definitions for over 24,500 terms. It has sold over 757,500 copies and has become an industry “bible”.

On-line try TECHtionary at

9.    What are the benefits of participating on one of the TANE committees?

Each of TANE’s committees specializes in a particular function. Participating on a committee enables the member to network with others who specialize in their specific area and to keep abreast of the changes and innovations in the industry.